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Who Else Wants to Observe Christmas in July?

You’re familiar with Christmas in July, right? Some believe the tradition began in Europe as a way to celebrate the holiday in the summer. Others think it started in the 1980s (I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true) with…

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Dream Big: Antarctica

For 125 years, Norwegian-born Hurtigruten has been exploring the world’s remote places since we started delivering the mail to the remote and rugged coast and fjords of Norway. And we continue to explore fascinating destinations, including Norway, Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland,…

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Norwegian Cruise to Cuba: Explore the Soul of the Country

¡Hóla! I’m practicing the Spanish language that’s spoken in Cuba. Did you know that it’s a Caribbean dialect that shares many characteristics with Dominican and Puerto Rican Spanish? Other languages spoken include Haitian Creole, Catalan, and much more. Anyway…If you’d…

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Norwegian Cruise Line Keeps Growing

Hey fellow cruise lovers! I have it on good authority that Norwegian Cruise Lines is expanding their ships. They’ve reached an agreement with Fincantieri S.p.A. to construct the next generation of extraordinary ships. Four are on order for delivery in…

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