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Booking Made Easier Thanks to a Hotel Consolidator

If you are an independent travel agent partnered with a host agency like Travel Planners International, one of the biggest services you can benefit from is a global hotel consolidator like the one offered by ABC Global Services. This works by bringing together a variety of the best accommodation options on the planet into one place, benefiting everyone involved. Travelers get special perks and hotels fill their rooms. Even the agents benefit. Independent travel agents gravitate toward hotel consolidators because they offer greater opportunities for services fees, commissions and easy-to-use search engines that make finding the right hotel simpler than ever.
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Allianz Global Assistance and the Importance of Travel Insurance

Independent agents who work hand-in-hand with host agencies might spend their days planning itineraries, booking flights and picking out the best accommodation for their clients, but they shouldn't forget about the addition of travel insurance. Providers like Allianz Global Assistance offers medical services that travelers need, and the company has thousands of employees around the world as well as screened medical providers in more than 200 countries. Travel insurance can provide for important services like prescription medication refills when overseas, evacuation after an injury, physician recommendations when you don't speak the language or the guarantee of a cashless medical service.
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Enjoy the Benefits of Working as a Travel Agent from Anywhere

Becoming an independent travel agent can be the best of both worlds for many individuals. It allows you to combine the flexibility of being your own boss with the resources and income of a true career. Independent travel agents can work from nearly any location, which could be your home office or a nearby coffee shop. Working independently is possible for many, thanks to the resources of a host agency, which is what can help connect you to the leading travel companies, airlines, accommodations, vacation providers and more. Plus, a host travel agency like Travel Planners International can help provide marketing advice, customer service and even invites to industry events around the world.
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How to Start a Successful Independent Travel Agency

Although there are many websites devoted to helping people book their own vacations, using a mobile travel agent often saves money, allows clients to customize their trip and get expert advice regarding different locations. For those that have considered becoming a travel agent, the process can seem difficult and confusing. These tips can help anyone interested in starting their own independent travel agency weed through the red tape and begin a career as a travel expert. Travel agents work flexible schedules and have the satisfaction of helping others with business or vacation plans. In addition, many resorts invite travel agents to visit in order to promote their location to travel agency customers, which means free or reduced cost travel for the agent.
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Explore the Appeal of Running a Home Based Travel Agency

Anyone who loves traveling and helping others might naturally gravitate towards a career as a travel agent. With an increasing amount of online competition in this industry, the best way to enjoy success with behind-the-scenes assistance might be to work from home with a host travel agency. This allows travel professionals to conduct business from their own residence, earn nice commissions, enjoy perks like travel discounts and carve out a niche career in the field. Work consists of using expertise in the travel field to help clients plan the perfect vacation package based on their needs and individual budgets.
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